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Cremation Services Carmel, IN

Should You Choose Cremation Services in Carmel, Indiana?

Traditionally, families choose to have a funeral and burial when a loved one passes away. While there are benefits to having a casket in the local cemetery, some people choose other options such as cremation.

Here at Woodlawn Cremations & Funerals, we offer cremation services in Carmel, IN, and the surrounding areas. If you have lost a loved one and you are looking for the best solutions for your family, then we invite you to learn more about the benefits of cremation.

We know that it can be difficult to lose someone that you love. So, our team will work hard to provide stress-free services for your family. These services are available in a 45-mile radius around Louisville, KY, and Indianapolis, IN. We provide pickup and delivery to simplify the process.

Full-Service Cremation in Carmel, IN

When you are working through the emotional burden of losing a family member, you need a supportive team to handle the logistics. At Woodlawn Cremations & Funerals, we understand your grief, and we are here to help. Our pick-up services eliminate the need for you to worry about transportation.

We offer multiple cremation services that can be catered to match your needs. Sometimes it is assumed that a funeral won't be held if you choose cremation. But, the truth is that you can customize the services in any way that you prefer. Here are some of the options that you might consider:

Interment or Graveside Service: This option is similar to a traditional graveside service with meaningful prayers and tributes to remember the loved one. These services are often done if the cremated remains will be buried in a family plot, urn garden, or memorial site. The benefit is that the ceremony can provide closure to family and friends, and it isn't necessary to pay for a full plot.

Urns: When the remains are stored in an urn, they can be kept anywhere the family desires. Some people prefer to keep the ashes safe in their family home. Having the urn creates the feeling that their loved one is nearby. For multiple family members, you might consider the benefits of several urns to be distributed to different locations.

Scattering the Ashes: Instead of storing the ashes long-term in an urn, they can also be scattered in a location of your choice. For example, you might scatter the ashes on the water or in a memorial garden. If there is a special place for your family, such as a camping spot or park, then you might have the ashes scattered in that location.

At Woodlawn Cremations & Funerals, we pride ourselves in the top-notch services that are provided to every family. You are welcome to call anytime to learn more about how these services can be catered to match your needs.

Cremation or Traditional Burial?

What is the advantage of choosing cremation instead of a traditional burial? The final decision depends on the preferences of your family.

One of the common reasons to choose cremation is to simplify the process of planning a funeral. When you don't need to worry about embalming or a viewing, then you can decrease your stress load and focus on your family during this time instead.

Another benefit of cremation is the reduction in cost. It can be expensive to plan a funeral. Add up the costs of the burial plot, casket, funeral home, and more to see how expensive it can be. On the other hand, cremation is a cost-effective solution to lay your loved one to rest respectfully.

Some people are worried about the environmental concerns of a traditional burial. Instead of burying an unnatural casket in the ground, you can keep it as natural as possible by returning the ashes to the earth.

Choosing Cremation Services

If you talk to the local funeral homes in Carmel, IN, you will find out that they offer crematory services. But, usually, these services are respectfully handled by a third-party company, such as Woodlawn Cremations & Funerals. Most funeral homes don't have a crematory, so it is necessary for them to coordinate transportation and have another company take care of the details.

Instead of working with a funeral home without a crematory, you can go directly to the source and skip the extra cost. Our staff at Woodlawn Cremations & Funerals is here to offer all of the support that you need. You will receive top-notch service during this difficult time.

As you can see, there are many benefits to choosing cremation for your loved one. If you are trying to plan the right service and burial, then we invite you to talk to our team for more information. We are happy to answer your questions so that you can pick the solution that is best for your family. Visit us: 3106 Middle Rd Jeffersonville, IN 47130. Call us anytime: (812) 725-1298