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Cremation Services Jeffersonville, IN

Why You Should Consider Cremation Services in Jeffersonville, IN

Are you trying to decide if cremation services are the best choice for your family? As you are experiencing the pain of losing a loved one, it can be hard to pick the final details for their resting place. Did you have the opportunity to talk to the person about their wishes? Or are you trying to make the decisions by talking to other members of your family?

Here at Woodlawn Cremations & Funeral Service, our goal is to simplify the process and offer the support that you need. We provide cremation services in Jeffersonville, IN, and the surrounding areas.

If you choose cremation through a traditional funeral home, then typically the cremation will be completed by a third-party service. As a result, you will need to pay for transportation costs and any additional fees that might be required. Most funeral homes don't have a crematory, so it is subcontracted out.

Instead of using a third-party, there are many benefits to paying for the costs directly to a cremation service company, such as Woodlawn Cremations & Funeral Service. Here are a few things that you can expect if you choose this service for your loved one:

Full-Service Cremation in Jeffersonville, IN

Our services can be catered to match the requirements of your family. Since you are dealing with the emotional burden of losing a loved one, we will handle the difficult details to make it a stress-free experience. We will come to pick up the body, and these pickup services are available in a 45-mile radius around both Louisville, KY, and Indianapolis, IN.

Just because you are choosing cremation, doesn't mean that you won't have a funeral or visitation. The family might want to have a visitation or small memorial to celebrate the life of the person that has been lost. Our staff at Woodlawn Cremations & Funeral Service will honor your preferences and help you choose the right services to match the needs of your family.

Look at the services on the cremation page of our website, and you will see multiple options that are available:

  • Multiple Urns: If you are having a hard time choosing a final resting place because family members live in distant locations, then you might consider multiple urns. This solution provides the option to have multiple resting places so that the remains can be near to everyone involved.
  • Graveside Service: Even though you are choosing cremation, it doesn't mean that you can't have a burial. Some people decide on cremation and a ground burial in a smaller plot. If a burial is planned, then you can have graveside services with a small ceremony that includes prayers and tributes.
  • Interment: When the cremated remains will be buried or entombed, it is common to plan an interment at the urn garden, family plot, or memorial site.
  • Scattering: The cremated remains can be scattered in a location that had meaning for the individual or family. You might choose to scatter in a memorial garden, cemetery, or over water. Some families choose a partial scattering, then the rest of the remains are kept nearby in an urn.

Do you want to learn more about any of these services? Contact us at Woodlawn Cremations & Funeral Service anytime for information about the cremation options that are available for your loved one.

Benefits of Cremation

What are the reasons that you might choose cremation instead of a traditional burial? There are several benefits to cremation. The most obvious benefit is to save money since cremation is cheaper compared to a funeral and burial. If you plan a traditional funeral, not only will you need to pay for the cemetery plot, but other costs include the body embalming and preparation, the casket, funeral home expenses, and more.

Simplification is another reason why some people decide that cremation is the best solution. Instead of planning the viewing and funeral, the family can choose to skip the services or plan a small memorial for a small group of people.

Environmental concerns are another reason why some people consider skip a traditional burial. Cremation provides many options for the final disposition and minimizes the need to have a casket buried in the ground indefinitely.

Transportation to the Crematory

Since most funeral homes don't have a crematorium, it is necessary to transport the body to a crematory. Here at Woodlawn Cremations & Funeral Service, we offer convenient transportation services. We will come to the location for pick up, then return the remains in an urn.

Some families choose a basic, temporary urn initially, and then transfer the ashes to an elegant long-term urn. Other families ask for the remains to be placed in an urn that has already been selected. The urn can be sealed if preferred. We will gladly work around your preferences.

Is it time for you to learn more about cremation services in Jeffersonville, IN? Talk to us at Woodlawn Cremations & Funeral Service: (812) 725-1298. For more details about our funeral services, visit Woodlawn Cremations & Funerals: 3106 Middle Rd Jeffersonville, IN 47130.