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Cremation Services Louisville, KY

Should You Choose Cremation Services in Louisville, KY?

Do you feel burdened by the final decisions that need to be made after a loved one has passed away? This experience is difficult for the entire family, and the funeral details can add more unneeded stress. There are many benefits to choosing cremation services, and our team at Woodlawn Cremations & Funeral Service is here to help.

We offer cremation services in Louisville, KY, and the surrounding areas. Our team will come to pick up the body to take it to the crematorium. These services are available in a 45-mile radius around Louisville, KY as well as Indianapolis, IN.

What is Cremation?

Most people know that cremation is the process of reducing the human body using flame and heat. It is necessary to use specialized equipment to increase the heat high enough to complete cremation. This process isn't the final disposition of the remains. Instead, it provides the reduced remains so that the family can choose placement after the cremation is done.

After the cremation is complete, organic bone fragments will be swept into a cooling pan. Then, the fragments are put in a machine that processed them to create a consistent size. Finally, the remains are placed in either a temporary or permanent urn to match the preferences of the family.

If you choose cremation, it isn't necessary to pay for a traditional casket or embalming. As a result, cremation can be a cost-effective option compared to a traditional funeral.

Where Will the Cremated Remains Be Stored?

One of the benefits of cremation is that you have the opportunity to choose the final resting place for the remains. Some people desire to have the cremated remains buried in a family cemetery plot or another location. In this situation, the remains are placed in an urn and then a small graveside service might be held if you desire.

Other times, the cremated remains are put in one or more urns, then placed in a family home. Dividing the remains into multiple urns allows all family members to have a memory of their loved one nearby, even if they live far away.

A final option is to scatter the remains in nature or over water. This scattering often has meaning for the individual and family. The scattering is designed to offer the closure that people need after the loss of a loved one.

Immediate Cremation Services or Planning in Advance in Louisville, KY

Here at Woodlawn Cremations & Funeral Service, we always cater our services to match the preferences of our customers. If you have immediate needs for cremation, then call us to schedule a pickup time for these services.

Some of our customers prefer to plan their cremation in advance. This method reduces the burden on family members after they are gone. You are welcome to contact us anytime if you would like to plan ahead for services that will be needed in the future.

Care and Respect for Your Family Member

Every member of our staff at Woodlawn Cremations & Funeral Service is focused on top-notch care and respect. We have specific operating procedures and rules that are followed to maintain respect every step of the way.

After the cremation is done, we will gladly accommodate your needs to arrange the final resting place. We can deliver the urn with the remains of your loved one. Or, assist in the process of planning an interment or graveside service if desired.

Is Cremation Right for Your Family Member?

Cremation is a personal decision, and it needs to be evaluated by your family members. There are many benefits to choosing cremation instead of a traditional funeral and burial. For example, cremation is a cheaper solution compared to buying a casket and paying for embalmment. Also, cremation is a way to reduce the impact on the environment since it isn't necessary to bury a casket.

Today, most religions allow for cremation, although there are a few religions that prohibit this choice. Since most religions allow cremation, it is usually a personal decision made by the family.

Honoring the Life of Your Loved One

Here at Woodlawn Cremations & Funeral Service, we will work hard to honor the life of your loved one. Our services are designed to lighten your burden and simplify the process. You can spend time with your family, instead of getting caught up in the logistics of planning a burial. We offer the first steps toward healing, giving you the services and tools that are needed for closure.

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of cremation? If you live in a 45-mile radius of Louisville, KY, then our team here at Woodlawn Cremations & Funeral Service is available to help. You are invited to call us anytime to ask your questions and learn more about the services that we offer: (812) 725-1298. Woodlawn Cremations & Funerals has a convenient location: 3106 Middle Rd Jeffersonville, IN 47130.