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Cremation Services New Albany, IN

Benefits of Cremation Services in New Albany, IN

Are you trying to decide on the final resting place for your loved one? It is an emotional experience to lose someone that you care about, so our team at Woodlawn Cremations & Funeral Service is here to ease your burden. We know that funeral planning can be overwhelming when dealing with a loss. Our goal is to simplify the process so that you can get the closure that you need.

We offer cremation services in New Albany, IN, and the surrounding areas. Our pickup service is available in a 45-mile radius around both Indianapolis, IN and Louisville, KY. If you need cremation services, then you only need to call, and we will handle the rest of the details.

Are cremation services right for you?

Here are a few benefits in choosing cremation services in New Albany, IN instead of a traditional burial:

Benefit #1: Final Resting Place Options

With a traditional burial, your options are limited to the final resting place. You will need to pick the cemetery and then pay the expensive costs for a burial plot. While some people opt to bury the urn and remains after a cremation, there are other options that you might consider instead.

For example, some people choose a different place for the urn to rest after the cremation. Or, the remains could be scattered in a location that was meaningful to your family or loved one.

Benefit #2: Cost-Effective Solution

As you look at the costs of a funeral, you will see that the expenses can add up. Even if you are keeping it simple with a basic casket and service, there are still many costs associated with the burial plot, purchase of a casket, embalming, funeral services, and more. Some people can't afford these costs, so they consider the option of cremation to save money.

With cremation, you can skip many of these expensive items. The overall cost is typically much cheaper for a cremation compared to a funeral.

Benefit #3: Simplify the Planning Process

When you are grieving the loss of a loved one, you probably don't want to worry about planning extravagant activities for the final memorial. Instead, spend your time and efforts celebrating the person!

With cremation, some families choose to forego the complicated viewing and funeral services. A simple ceremony can be held to scatter the ashes. Or, you might choose to hold the funeral service and keep things simple with an urn instead of a casket.

Benefit #4: Keep Your Loved One Nearby

Burying a casket means that the final resting place is fixed in that location. If family members want to pay their respects, then they will need to travel to the cemetery to visit. When people are separated by distance, the travel can be inconvenient.

Cremation offers the opportunity to place the remains in multiple urns that can be distributed to family members. As a result, everyone can have the comfort of their loved one at a nearby location.

Benefit #5: Environmental Concerns

How will a buried casket impact the environment? If you are looking for solutions to minimize the impact on the environment, then cremation can be a great option to consider. Instead of taking up the ground space required for a casket, you can choose the final disposition to protect the environment. Many people feel that scattering the remains will help the person return to mother earth in a natural way.

Is Cremation Right for Your Family?

Choosing cremation is a personal decision, so you need to talk to your family to determine if this service is best. Often, questions come up during this decision-making process, so we encourage you to talk to us at Woodlawn Cremations & Funeral Service for more information.

We want to honor the life of your loved one, and our team will work hard to provide a meaningful service to match your preferences. These first steps toward healing will help you maintain the remembrance while finding the closure that you need. We know that this is a time to celebrate the life of your family member and honor their wishes after they are gone.

Whether you need immediate assistance with cremation or you are planning ahead for a future date, we are here to help! We can offer a prompt pickup if your loved one has recently passed away. Or, we can help with future planning if you are looking for ways to minimize the burden on your family.

One of the advantages of choosing Woodlawn Cremations & Funeral Service is that you can cater the services to match your preferences. We will gladly discuss your options and help you choose the services that are a good fit for what you need. Call us anytime to learn more about how we can help with cremation services in New Albany, IN, and the surrounding areas. Woodlawn Cremations & Funerals is located at 3106 Middle Rd Jeffersonville, IN 47130. We can be reached at (812) 725-1298